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This is an educational site developed for the understanding of spinal problems and back pain. Get top level, unbiased information from leading experts. Get the inside story about conditions such as a degenerative spine conditions like spinal stenosis, or malalignment issues such as flatback or spondylolisthesis and deformities like scoliosis including idiopathic scoliosis and congenital scoliosis and malformed vertebrae resulting in kyphoscoliosis. See the pros and cons of undergoing spine surgery and other procedures such as spinal fusion for dowagers hump. Find out how disc surgery on a herniated disc can change the way you live. Discover what treatment may be available for failed back surgery, what to expect from revision spine surgery, and the role of minimally invasive spine surgery. These top New York City doctors have the authoritative and reconstruction answers to your back pain questions right here. Get your questions answered now. It’s time to ask the doctors…

Frank J. Gilmore, M.D. and
Jean-Pierre C. Carck, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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I have Kyphosis due to Osteoporosis, what caused my Spine to collapse?

Osteoporosis is a condition which involves loss of bone mass. All bones of the body are affected in osteoporosis. With the loss of structural strength in the bones the risk for fracture (breaking, or collapse of bone) increases. In severe cases of osteoporosis the vertebra of the spine become so fragile that they may collapse upon themselves even without trauma. Mostly this will cause what is called a compression fracture. These injuries can be very painful and may take several weeks to become less bothersome. Most cases of osteoporotic spine fractures are treated with a brace and pain medication. There are a variety of medications which are used to treat the underlying osteoporosis and decrease the risk of spinal fractures (estrogen therapy, calcitonin, Fosamax‚Ķ). It is important to obtain proper evaluation by a dowager’s hump / spine¬†specialist in all cases of spinal fracture.

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